The Rolling Tones is King’s College London’s all-female a cappella group.

Founded in 2007 by Alice Whiteley, the group have performed at numerous events, from singing at the London Olympic Village in 2012 to the RBS International Women’s Day Event in 2014. They are also no stranger to competitions, having competed in, won awards at, and reached the Finals of the Voice Festival UK University Championships in 2015 and 2016.

In April 2017, The Rolling Tones were the first all-female a cappella group to win the University Voice Festival UK ever in its history. Josceline Edwards was also awarded Outstanding Vocal Percussion for her performance of the song ‘Teardrop’. In the same year, they placed second in the ICCA UK Finals – their first time competing – and  achieved the highest score ever awarded at a UK round of the ICCA. They also received the awards for Outstanding Arrangement, Outstanding Solo and Outstanding Choreography at our Quarterfinal.

In August 2017, The Rolling Tones took their debut show Bows and Braces to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which earned the official fringe Sell-Out Laurel after a 2 week run.

In February 2018, The Rolling Tones took to the ICCA stage once again, winning their Quarterfinal and picking up the Outstanding Soloist award for Bijia Wu’s performance in ‘I Put A Spell On You’. This earned them a spot at the ICCA UK Finals in Oxford where they placed first with Sara Edwards being awarded Outstanding Arrangement for ‘Trøllabundin’. They are the first all-female group to win the UK Finals, also achieving the highest score ever in the competition’s history.

The Rolling Tones progressed to compete in the ICCA World Finals at the Beacon Theatre in New York City. A huge thank you to everyone who donated to help make this possible.

As well as competing nationally and internationally, The Rolling Tones perform at various paid and charity gigs, run workshops, and busk in different locations in London.


ICCA UK Finals 2018
Outstanding Arrangement: Sara Edwards for ‘Trøllabundin’

ICCA Oxford Quarter-Final 2018
Outstanding Solo: Bijia Wu for ‘Put A Spell On You’

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017
Fringe Sell-Out Show 2017

ICCA London Quarter-Final 2017
Outstanding Solo: Sara Edwards for ‘Sleepless Child’
Outstanding Arrangement: Sara Edwards for ‘Sleepless Child’
Outstanding Choreography: Ellie Blackmore for the whole set

Voice Festival UK Semi-Final 2017
Outstanding Vocal Percussion: Josceline Edwards for ‘Teardrop’ (Special Mention: Tiffany Lau for ‘Ain’t No Other Man/Ain’t Nobody’)

Voice Festival UK UK Semi-Final 2016
Outstanding Individual: Zara Tso

Voice Festival UK Final 2015
Outstanding Arrangement: Zara Tso for ‘Awake My Soul’

Voice Festival UK Semi-Final 2015
Outstanding Arrangement: Zara Tso for ‘Awake My Soul’

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